Kristina White AKA EvilKris13 is Fyresky's Bassist and one of the band's backing vocalists. EK13 has been playing bass for roughly 15 years and is former bassist from well known rock band 'Last Superheroes' alongside Gabriel. 

To EK13, music is an art form and she loves showing her heart and soul in performances.

She has various hobbies outside of music such as Horse riding, gaming, photography etc and is musically influenced by a huge number of artists and bands such as Kiss, Lordi, Motionless in White and Lana Del Rey.

EK13 also enjoys going to as many festivals as she can both for fun, and as a freelance writer for PLANET MOSH online magazine. She loves spending her time interacting with various different talents within the music industry and networking. She makes jewelery and accessories through her outlet "PoisonCogs" as well as creating merch for the band. Kris also turns her hand to customising her guitars and gear in her own style.

Ryaan Sandham

Behind the wall of Drums sits Ryaan Sandham. Ryaan is former drummer for Metal band 'Night of Reckoning' and can trace his drumming experiences back to 20th September 2014 when he watched a video of former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison playing 'Disasterpeice' live and was captivated by how flawlessly he played and the energy he put into his performances. He uses this inspiration to enhance his live performance and learn new styles.

Ryaan is active on YouTube under "Ryaan S Music". He uploads various videos such as drum covers and gig footage, and has also recently taken up playing guitar and bass. Ryaan also enjoys gaming and airsoft.

Musically, Ryaan is influenced by heavier acts which in turn gives the band's overall sound more power. His influences include drummers such as Joey Jordison, Ray Luzier and Chad Smith due to their strong rhythmic groove and high energy that he emulates in his playing.

Ryaan has gone on to form an official relationship with Australian drumstick company, Collision Drumsticks, in the form of an endorsement.

Gabriel Valentine​



At the front of the stage stands Gabriel, handling Lead Vocals and Guitars. Gabriel has been involved in music for over 20 years; whether it be playing guitar or singing to live audiences with bands and contemporary choirs.

Gabriel's first loves in music were the blues and folk pioneers; including the likes of BB King, Bob Dylan, Professor Longhair and Leadbelly.

Gabriel started out playing Blues on his own while also being taught classical guitar in school. At the age of 11 he had already performed before audiences of over 200 people through school concerts and council arts initiatives, and formed his first band - Last Superheroes - Who ended up continuing on until 2013 with their "final" lineup Including EvilKris 13 on bass.


Gabriel's main guitarist influences now include Linde (HIM) and Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry). His muscial and writing style is derived from bands like HIM, Godsmack, Icon & The Black Roses, Poets of The Fall, Cradle of Filth, and of course, Guns N Roses.

Vocally, Gabriel leans toward the sounds of artists such as Chris Robertson, Ian Astbury, Bon Scott and Marko Saaresto; and draws his inspiration in songwriting from the world of Paganism; the poetic works of Lord Byron, Edgar Allen Poe etc.


He's a devoted father of two that enjoys Sailing, Fencing, and copious amounts of Pizza   

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